The main:In order to produce 304 stainless steel thick pipe, stainless steel pipe mainly 304

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Guangdong industrial group

Former Foshan District of Chancheng (Li Chong) into a stainless steel products factory, was

 founded in 1995, China's stainless steel town - lanshi.

After more than and 20 years of baptism, the industry group has become the industry scale enterprise 

group; the group has a large number of technical and management personnel, an investment of about 

600 million yuan, built two hundred thousand square meters production base, has more than ten million

 tons annual output of remarkable achievements. In order to adapt to the needs of rapid development,

 in 2005, is located in Gaoming industry and Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and Gaoming Stainless Steel

 Co., Ltd. at the same time put into production, two plant production base covers an area of more than

 and 300 acres. A constant introduction of 1450 stainless steel industry advanced cold rolling mill, 

continuous bright annealing furnace, automatic finishing straightening embossing unit, circulation type

 environmental protection passivating line, specializing in the production of carbon steel and cold-rolled 

stainless steel coil, stainless steel plate, stainless steel decorative plate extends all kinds of deep 

processing facilities; clever and expand the production of welded pipe industry the scale gradually 

increased to more than and 120 with the production of various types of welding line group, GB, 

Chinese, European, I group of stainless steel pipe - plate series products, the yield and quality to a 

higher level, rich customer choice.

The group adhering to the "quality is life" as the principle, by virtue of high-quality products, 

competitive prices, a high degree of credibility of the products sold in major cities and Hong Kong and

 Macao, and won the praise of customers.

We will build the future, sincere, sincere service attitude, expect to cooperate with you to create a

 better future.

Company history:
In  1995
1, the construction of the first phase of the plant.
2, the establishment of the factory.
3, equipment installation.

In  1996

The first phase of the formal production operation.


In  1997

1, the construction of the second plant
2, add more than and 10 production line equipment installation, put into production.

In  1998
1, the construction of the third plant.
2, and then continue to increase the number of production line equipment installation and commissioning.

In  1999
1, the third phase of formal production operations.
2, embossed pipe equipment installation, commissioning, production.

In  2000
1, the fourth phase of investment, the signing of cold rolling equipment.
2, the transformation of the construction of the fourth plant.

In  2001
1, the implementation of ISO9001:2000 management system.
2, cold rolling equipment installation, commissioning and production.
3, the establishment of the laboratory, order spectrum detector.

In  2002
Put into use in laboratory.

    In  2004
Gao Mingxin plant put into use.

In  2005

Gao Mingxin plant into formal production operations. 

In  2006

1250 rolling mill installation and commissioning.

In  2007
1, 100 meters long and 1450 wide continuous annealing furnace debugging.
2, 750 rolling mill put into operation.

In  2008
1, 1450 wide edge cutting machine installation and commissioning.
2, 1450 put into use.

In  2009
1, add 30 welded pipe production line put into use.
2, 1450, 20 roll stainless steel cold rolling mill installation.

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